We've recently launched our remote collaboration solution for Mixed Reality called Holomeeting.

In short, HoloMeeting allows you to collaborate by sharing, viewing and amending 3D models (e.g Revit), documents (e.g. PDFs) and collaborate (e.g. freehand draw, whiteboard, etc.). In addition, you can share your camera and use it for remote assistance/maintenance.

HoloMeeting supports over 60 different filetypes such as Revit, SolidWorks, CATIA, Navisworks, FBX, OBJ and many others.

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We have supported clients in many different industries with commercial Mixed Reality solutions. Here's a small selection:

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Phase 1: Prototyping

Starting with a requirement specification workshop, we develop an initial prototype within 2 weeks to help validate your hypothesis.


Phase 2: Pilot

Based on a successful phase 1, we will develop within 6 weeks a pilot that allows you to implement the holographic solution with limited scope.


Phase 3: Scaling

Having validated the idea through a pilot, we will help you to scale the solution to all users within your organisation.



What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality technology aims to blend in with the physical world. Through 3D scanners, Mixed Reality devices such as Microsoft HoloLens are capable of understanding the real world, e.g. recognising tables and chairs, and allow holograms to physically and accurate interact with them (e.g. placing a hologram snug on a table).

What makes Kazendi special?

We are the leading & most experienced HoloLens experts in Europe with 18 commercial projects completed (Mixed Reality examples and use cases can be viewed via our projects page)

We developed Europe’s first shared holographic experience

We have a proprietary solution (both software and hardware) to allow live-mixed reality streaming of the current view of HoloLens at events

We are actively creating Mixed Reality applications for specific commercial purposes

We have proprietary HoloLens code stack allowing us to deliver unbeaten value for money

How can I experience HoloLens?

If you are part of an organisation with more than 250 employees, please reach out to us using the chat feature on the right or contact us via email at to arrange your free demo. 

If you are a private individual looking to experience the fantastic world of HoloLens, please check out our HoloLens Experience workshops which take place every Monday & Friday at our Liverpool Street office:


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