We've recently launched our remote collaboration solution for Mixed Reality called Holomeeting.

In short, HoloMeeting allows you to collaborate by sharing, viewing and amending 3D models (e.g Revit), documents (e.g. PDFs) and collaborate (e.g. freehand draw, whiteboard, etc.). In addition, you can share your camera and use it for remote assistance/maintenance.

HoloMeeting supports over 60 different filetypes such as Revit, SolidWorks, CATIA, Navisworks, FBX, OBJ and many others.

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What is a prototype?

A prototype is a first version of an idea. The main goal of the prototype is to get your idea to a stage where it is possible to test it with the future users of the end-product/service. Through this early market feedback, you ensure that what you are building, is actually what the market wants.

How fast can you guys move?

We love to move fast and can usually start within two weeks but also have started within 24 hours from commissioning.

What's your secret sauce?

One of our key ingredients is the mindset to deliver innovation execution at a competitive price. Combined with our emerging technology knowledge and huge networks of experts, this allows us to offer an unique service proposition which taste you never want to miss again.  

Is a week not very short?

One week is very short and will always be too short - so will any time longer be since you can always implement another feature... and another feature... and another feature. Through our own experience, we believe in producing lean innovation, that means we constrain the time and resources available and get something out there within that to test the idea as soon as efficient as possible.