How Burberry could use Microsoft HoloLens

By Colin Gentry on June 20, 2017

The iconic fashion brand is in a state of flux. HoloLens could help change this. Download the SlideShare for our full insights. 

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Visualising Data with Microsoft HoloLens

By Matthew Bumford on June 15, 2017

Kazendi prides itself on our ability to deliver high-quality, immersive and interactive commercial prototypes, fast.

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Bridging the gap: home interiors, Mixed Reality, and the imagination

By Lilly Holmer on May 30, 2017

How and what we buy is changing. Technology and the fourth industrial revolution is redefining the home interiors industry. From factory workers to interior designers to consumers, there is a steady transition in how goods are manufactured, designed, and sold.

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3 things we learnt at UC Expo 2017

By Colin Gentry on May 19, 2017

UC Expo is the largest Unified Communications and Collaboration event in Europe. For two days, attendees learn about the latest technologies that will enable smarter working and a truly connected business.

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AR/VR Innovate: Dublin

By Lilly Holmer on May 16, 2017

Last week we headed off to the capital of Ireland, Dublin, for the 4th International AR/VR Innovate conference.


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5 ways HoloLens can disrupt healthcare

By Colin Gentry on May 16, 2017

Mixed Reality is being prescribed for a variety of ailments affecting the healthcare industry


From training tomorrow's doctors and raising consumer awareness to helping the recovery of patients, Mixed Reality is showing it has many benefits.

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Building a Minecraft experience on HoloLens

By Maximilian Doelle on May 12, 2017

"Can we play Minecraft on HoloLens?" 

This is probably one of the most asked questions by participants of our HoloLens Experience workshops. The answer is: yes. 

While there are a growing number of commercial use cases for HoloLens, the device certianly has the capacity to be great for gaming. 

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Arctic15: Helsinki Calling

By Lilly Holmer on May 09, 2017

On Thursday the 4th of May three members of our team set off to Helsinki to speak and present Kazendi and the HoloLens at the first ever X Reality Day. 

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Gamifying the staff training experience with Mixed Reality

By Colin Gentry on May 08, 2017

Gamification can earn companies more than just points


Many Mixed Reality enthusiasts have seen Microsoft’s RoboRaid demo or played Fragments, and there are many YouTubers who have commandeered the technology to play Pokemon, Halo and TitanFall.

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How we adopted hololens remoting

By Maximilian Doelle on May 02, 2017

Improved latency allows high-polyon count files to display through HoloLens

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