Calculating the value of innovation

By Colin Gentry on April 27, 2017

Why companies cannot afford to ignore Mixed Reality

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Mixed Reality and Development Teams

By Matthew Bumford on April 25, 2017

Mixed Reality can improve efficiency for development teams

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Using Mixed Reality for Immersive Trade Show Experiences

By Lilly Holmer on April 24, 2017

How consumer Augmented and Virtual Reality platforms are propelling HoloLens as a powerful business tool

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Mixed Reality and the shared experience

By Martin Reid on April 18, 2017

Using Microsoft HoloLens no longer has to mean going solo

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WAQ17 Canada - Designing UX & UI For Microsoft HoloLens

By Maximilian Doelle on April 13, 2017

Kazendi brought Mixed Reality to Quebec City in April for WAQ 2017, the largest French-language digital event in North America. 

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Maximising trade show potential with Mixed Reality

By Matthew Bumford on April 11, 2017

Increase ROI and reduce costs with HoloLens and Mixed Reality for Trade Shows.

Trade shows are an effective solution for businesses to showcase their product or service in a specific niche.

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How Mixed Reality will disrupt training engineers

By Matthew Bumford on April 06, 2017

Microsoft HoloLens is giving staff training a lesson on how to be more efficient and economical

The need for an improvement in the way engineers are trained is, in some industries, a very pressing one.

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Why Mixed Reality Will Eat Virtual Reality for Lunch

By Matthew Bumford on April 04, 2017

As a Mixed Reality studio, we believe that Mixed Reality is the immersive technology with the greatest potential. We wanted to show Mixed Reality side by side with its two greatest competitors in the immersive space.

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Revit and HoloLens: a new design model for architecture

By Matthew Bumford on March 30, 2017

The immersive and visual nature of Mixed Reality seems tailormade for the architecture industry throughout all aspects of the creation funnel.

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Why Mixed Reality Will Eat Augmented Reality for Breakfast

By Matthew Bumford on March 28, 2017

When discussing Augmented and Mixed Reality, it is important to clarify the distinction between the two immersive technologies. This is because Augmented and Mixed Reality share many common traits and the terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably. 

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