100s of Ideas, 10 Weeks and 4 Prototypes into Microsoft HoloLens

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With 10 weeks, 4 projects and countless hours ideating under our belts, we think it’s about time we shared some of our insights. Join us on our Mixed Reality journey with Microsoft HoloLens.

First of all, it has been a fantastic adventure and personally, I think, HoloLens is the biggest digital opportunity since the smartphone. It’s a big statement, but I think it will truly change the way we work.

In order to support our clients identifying mixed reality opportunities, we’ve been running half-day HoloLens ideation workshops, which delivered viable solution propositions. You can actually read about Jon Cleaver's, CTO at Sofology, workshop experience here.

... or for companies such as UBS:

Since Microsoft's focus is solely commercial at this moment, we are aiming to let as many people experience the fantastic world of mixed reality and have been conducting workshops in NYC, Munich, London, Hamburg and many more to come. Check out a visual summary of one of the events below and to view upcoming workshops, simply visit our Eventbrite profile.

Many ideas are thrown in the direction of visualising 3D content, but one that really stood out for us – and our clients – was the impact of HoloLens on collaboration. Almost every client wanted our help to reduce friction during remote or in-person collaboration, and to help their teams collaborate in innovative ways.

Building on this, we developed Europe’s first shared holographic experience for Selligent, which will be unveiled at the digital marketing conference Dmexco 2016 (click here to book your spot!). The experience is intended to give its participants a unique way of experiencing Selligent’s automated marketing platform – driving visitors into the sales funnel and emphasising Selligent’s thought leadership position. In addition, we created a social integration, which emails participants a snapshot of their experience to make their friends & colleagues jealous :)

For a large UK insurance company, we created a prototype to assess corporate buildings, with the ultimate goal of lowering the assessment cost. By allowing the customer to slip into the perspective of the surveyor, the prototype provides a unique customer experience.

If you are interested about identifying mixed reality opportunities for your company, please have a look at our ideation workshop offering and reach out to us directly at max@kazendi.com.

We are currently working on a new prototype that uses HoloLens’s surface reconstruction, creating textures using the RGB camera and saving the 3D model to OneDrive/Google Drive. For example, one use case for this would be for furniture retailers. The prototype allows customers to virtually try out furniture at home: the retailer can scan the customer’s facilities and save the details, making only product recommendations that fit into the customer’s flat.

For the future, we’ve got many more projects and exhibitions planned. You can visit us at the IP Expo at Stand V11 (which is near the entrance N4 to the hall) on the 5th and 6th of October.

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