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Warwick Business School KIN Autumn Workshop

By Pauline Hohl on September 14, 2018

"Augmented and Virtual Reality in the workplace - how innovative technologies are shaping the way that work is done. How can we enhance our own capabilities?" This was the subject of KIN's Autumn Workshop on 12th September. 

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HoloMeeting for the Automotive Industry

By Pauline Hohl on September 10, 2018

The automotive industry is famed for its innovation and its adoption of new technology. 

HoloMeeting is a new way of daily communication for automotive companies: dispersed teams can meet in the same holographic room and interact like in in-person meetings.

But it is not only of good use for discussing visual data and 3D models: general processes such as the choice of material, the design, manufacturing and the final quality control require a permanent exchange of knowledge and interaction between different teams.

How does HoloMeeting help build a vehicle from the idea to its assembly?

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HoloMeeting for Healthcare

By Pauline Hohl on August 23, 2018

As Mixed Reality grows, it is clear that there are some industries best placed to take advantage of this technological disruption. Alongside construction and AEC industries, the healthcare industry is primed to benefit from HoloLens' real-world potential.

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Impressions of HoloMeeting 6 months on

By Pauline Hohl on August 17, 2018

First of all, it is great to be back as part of the Kazendi team. Since leaving earlier this year after my internship expired I have missed being a part of a) the daily life of the team but also b) working with HoloMeeting as we build the product experience. 

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HoloMeeting vs. Object Theory

By Pauline Hohl on August 07, 2018

In the past few weeks we have been comparing HoloMeeting with other immersive collaboration solutions such as Arvizio’s MR Studio and Microsoft’s Remote Assist. Today I will point out the differences and similarities of HoloMeeting and Mixed Reality Collaboration Service “Prism” by Object Theory who are also a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner.

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Microsoft Remote Assist vs. Holomeeting

By Pauline Hohl on July 30, 2018

As it becomes more and more necessary for dispersed teams to find solutions to collaborate better and more closely, immersive meeting tools are increasingly needed.

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HoloMeeting vs. Arvizio's MR Studio

By Pauline Hohl on July 26, 2018

Teleportation seemed to be business person's dream: not having to travel for an important meeting abroad thereby saving time and money. Remote meetings in this manner, that go beyond video calling such as Skype have the potential to remove communication issues and misunderstandings that often occur during calls or chats.

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My Internship at Kazendi

By Pauline Hohl on February 28, 2018

Six months ago I started my internship at Kazendi although it feels like it has been yesterday. As they say, time runs fast when you’re having fun. And so now it has come to my last day here at Kazendi so I look back on my time with the team.

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HoloMeeting Feature Update: HoloGraphic Avatar

By Pauline Hohl on February 21, 2018

We are glad to introduce another creative feature of our immersive remote collaboration HoloMeeting: the holographic avatar.

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How AR, VR and MR can Revolutionise Consumer Tech

By Pauline Hohl on February 16, 2018

Yesterday, we were proud to be a part of Tech UK's series of panels and demonstrations around Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality and how together they are helping to shape consumer technology.

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