Introducing HoloAssistance - HoloLens Remote Assistance

Matthew Bumford

Matthew Bumford

October 03, 2017

Imagine being an engineer on an oil platform needing to conduct repairs. You encounter a challenge during the repair process and require assistance. Currently, you would call a remote expert for support. 

However, given the fact that the expert can't see what you are working on, it is hard to provide efficient and detailed support. The most common solution to issues that cannot be solved via remote support would be for an expert engineer to be transported to the location. This clearly presents its own problems, not least of all the loss of output and earnings during the downtime period.


From oil rigs to factories, manufacturing facilities to research laboratories these periods of downtime and lost output hours cost businesses millions of pounds every year. 


Thankfully, the HoloLens and Mixed Reality technology has allowed for an elegant and effective solution to be developed. We call our remote maintenance solution "HoloLens Remote Assistance."


Introducing HoloLens Remote Assistance

Skype for HoloLens remote assistance.jpg (Image Source: Microsoft)

HoloLens allows the engineer to share his or her point of view through the camera being mounted directly above the line of sight. This enables the expert to provide valuable and efficient support.

At the moment, the closest solution available to this is Skype for HoloLens. Having discussed this extensively with clients, we found that this is not a suitable solution for actual business use due to several factors:

  • No control over bandwidth consumption (limiting the data being used)
  • Calls can be received via desktop Skype app but requires installation of a plugin to use interaction features (many business do not allow the installation of plugins)
  • No automatic call recording
  • Can't take notes during the call

These are only but a few limitations of the currently available Skype solution.

A real remote maintenance solution for commercial purposes



Kazendi's HoloLens Remote Assistance solution provides the following features:

  • Fine grained control of the bandwidth used: 1 FPS (frame per second), 5 FPS, 15 FPS, 320x450, 620x350, 1080x720 (HD resolution) therefore the solution can consume anything from 50 kilobyte per minute to 15 megabyte, depending on your needs
  • Holographic annotations (see screenshot below)
  • Send files (FBX 3D models, PDF, images)
  • Apps available for Windows and iOS (Android & Web version in progress)
  • Record sessions
  • Expert collaboration by inviting other experts to join the call



This is a screenshot taken through HoloLens, showcasing the settings options. When not in a call, these can be accessed handsfree using voice commands. We are considering implementing gaze based control to allow for handsfree control during a call.

Return on Investment

Clients want to be able to use HoloLens during maintenance operations. Therefore, an expert could remotely assist the repair of a machinery within a factory setting. Considering that often when an assembly line of a car manufacturer has to be stopped due to a single fault machine, this can often run into the £100,000+ per day or even per hour cost.

A HoloLens remote assistance solution that reduces time-to-repair, can potentially have a significant impact on machine reliability and manufacturing floor profitability.


Another use case is in remote locations - an oil rig or a mine for example - where the necessary expertise can't easily be provided (e.g. due to travel) - our HoloLens remote repair solutions allows your experts to dial in and support the user like they are there.

Additionally, through the ability to record support calls, we can use the footage for more efficient training of future remote experts. This allows for better documentation as part of complex Service Level Agreements as well as overall process improvements.


For the future, we are planning to release a feature that allows the HoloLens to 3D scan the machine/environment in question and for the expert to view it on their HoloLens in life size. Please find below an example taken from one of our meeting rooms≥

Scan WeWork

Using the built-in scanners of HoloLens, we will create a 3D model of the object in question and using the RGB camera and create the colour information (texture). The remote expert using a HoloLens can then see  the object in question in front of them in real time and in a life-size format. This would allow the expert to be "teleported" to the support scene and virtually stand next to the engineer.

Furthermore, we are planning to expand the HoloLens Remote Assistance availability to other platforms such as iOS, Android & Web.

Do you think this could be interesting for your business? Simply get in touch using the button below to arrange a free demonstration at your office and see how HoloLens remote assistance can be used in your organisation.

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