HoloMeeting 1.6.5

Maximilian Doelle

Maximilian Doelle

September 17, 2018

We're happy again to announce our latest update to our HoloMeeting application. Our remote meeting and collaboration application is available for HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, Surface Pro tablets and Windows 10 Desktop.

The latest build has exciting updates across all platforms and it went live on the Microsoft Store this weekend. We have published the 2D version (Desktop & Surface Hub) as a separate app which can be found here. 

Do note that some updates are improvements upon existing version 1.6.45 updates but marks an improvement across the general application. 

We are happy to share these improvements now/


  • Screen Sharing (only desktop app)
  • New notification design
  • Infinity mode -> you can choose between box and infinity mode (everything is visible)


  • Camera roll images are sorted by last image taken
  • Live-feed screenshots are saved to pictures folder
  • Automatically offset rotation of center point to avoid avatars being inside each other on join


  • Desktop: Fixed keyboard being unresponsive during avatar name entry
  • 2D: We fixed an issue which could cause a black screen on selected Desktop and Surface Hub devices

Known Bugs

  • DAE files not displaying correctly
  • HoloLens: 3D models from local 3D Models can't be loaded



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