HoloMeeting 1.6.700

Maximilian Doelle

Maximilian Doelle

October 29, 2018

We're happy again to announce our latest update to our HoloMeeting application. Our remote meeting and collaboration application is available for HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, Surface Pro tablets and Windows 10 Desktop with updates viable across the entire hardware suite. 

The latest build has exciting updates across all platforms and it went live on the Microsoft Store this weekend. We have published the 2D version (Desktop & Surface Hub) as a separate app which can be found here. 

We are happy to share these improvements now.


  • Added a lobby feature - you can now hold meetings in parallel rooms, switch between rooms and assign specific rooms to people, clients, departments etc. 
  • Set two handed gestures as default input method on XR
  • Added ability to open OBJ zip files directly 
  • Added ability to use keyboard on Desktop when editing text of a Sticky Note
  • Added ability to load 3D models from local folder
  • Added ability to view the live feed of a Screen Share in full screen on Desktop


  • Added labels for pen sensitivity and stroke width
  • Improved Sketchfab (asynchronous loading)
  • Improved PDF loading (asynchronous loading)
  • Improved audio on Desktop which should dramatically improve echo cancellation
  • Improved whiteboard by fading it out when closer than 20cm


  • Fixed a crash when trying to share a screen on Desktop and the Windows version is lower than 1803 (will now alert the user and fail gracefully)
  • Fixed a rare crash when switching very fast through image heavy pages in a PDF on HoloLens
  • Fixed an issue where the avatar name was not saved to registry

Known Bugs

  • Spawn sound for Sticky Note is missing
  • Trying to open the HoloMeeting_2D on Surface Hub and older Desktops currently causes a black screen to appear
  • Desktop keyboard is currently only working on Sticky Note text entry fields
  • Trying to enter MRView mode on Desktop currently causes a crahs
  • DAE files not displaying correctly


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