HoloMeeting 1.6.8

Maximilian Doelle

Maximilian Doelle

November 29, 2018

Our HoloMeeting application has taken a number of twists and turns since we released the initial versions of the application.

We are pleased to announce the latest version of the app along with some new roadmap and client-requested features designed to improve both UI and UX experiences for all users. 

The latest build has exciting updates across all platforms and it went live on the Microsoft Store this weekend. We have published the 2D version (Desktop & Surface Hub) as a separate app which can be found here. 

We are happy to share these improvements now.


  • All files are now persistent - this, in combination with the new lobby feature means that meetings are more fluid and dynamic even if they take place after a pause. 
  • Added lock tool feature to lock and unlock 3D objects
  • Battery indicator - know how much HoloLens battery is available
  • View local IP address in settings (for easy access to Windows Device Portal)
  • Click on green room anchor (3D HoloMeeting logo) will reposition the menu in front of you


  • Redesigned Annotation Menu (formerly pen menu) to accommodate lock tool
  • Moved Sticky Note into Annotation Menu
  • Updated networking stack to improve reliability


  • Fixed a crash when two or more HoloLenses where in the same physical room and joined the lobby 
  • Disabled FS (Fullscreen) button mistakingly showing on HoloLens for Screen Shares
  • Fixed surface magnetism not working when in two-hand mode

Known Bugs

  • Spawn sound for Sticky Note is missing
  • Sketchfab files may duplicate when being persistent in the room upon rejoining
  • Uploading files with more than 64MB can result in an error
  • Opening Office files from local files will result in an error
  • Trying to enter MRView mode on Desktop currently causes a crash
  • DAE files not displaying correctly
  • Persistence not working for locally uploaded files
  • Lock state is not persisted
  • Potential memory leak


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