HoloMeeting Feature Update: Desktop Version Store Launch

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We are delighted to announce that HoloMeeting has (finally) hit the Microsoft store. While we had introduced a 2D desktop capability within HoloMeeting some time ago, this previously could only be accessed via a specific method. Now, however, the process has just been made more streamlined thanks to its availability on the Microsoft Store.

While we continue to push updates for HoloMeeting in general (and the next one is right around the corner) we have long ourselves been waiting for the chance for our users to have easy access to the desktop version of the application.

How can I use it?

The 2D desktop version of HoloMeeting can be used in much the same way as the main HoloMeeting application operates with users remotely able to access HoloMeeting from anywhere to discuss, collaborate, advise and engage with colleagues.

The desktop version of HoloMeeting has been envisaged as a support application to the 3D Mixed Reality app and, while the app cannot offer the full immersive and in-depth experience of the HoloLens version, it nevertheless provides users with a window to the world of MR and they can freely discuss and communicate with their colleagues who can join meetings from a range of devices.

Remote assistance reimagined

HoloLens remote assistance is one of the breakthrough use cases for Mixed Reality. Through the live view feature in HoloMeeting we have been able to bring remote assistance to life.

With users in the office space able to join HoloMeeting from their desktop they can now be closer connected to frontline workers than ever before and provide real and accurate remote expertise through live view. With additional upgrades to live view such as screenshots and remote inking, even with desktop to HoloLens the experience is accurate, comprehensive and helpful.

Scalability for the enterprise

Because HoloMeeting works with a full breadth of Windows 10 devices from HoloLens to desktop it offers unprecedented scalability options for enterprise clients. Depending on individual company scenarios, a suite of different devices could be purchased, not only HoloLenses to provide a variety of collaboration, communication and assistance scenario potentials.

More features to be announced as they come

As we are collaborating with businesses in our early access HoloMeeting Beta in order to meet client's needs, HoloMeeting is constantly being adjusted and improved. We are glad to keep you informed about the latest features.

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