HoloMeeting Feature Update: Easy Access Screenshots

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We are fully committed to providing solutions and features within our HoloMeeting application that allow the application to be able to integrate better into enterprise-led solutions and provide real-world working options for our clients.

As such, we have taken advantage of recent updates to the HoloLens software itself and integrated some aspects into HoloMeeting. One small, but potentially vital update is the easy acces

s screenshot feature we have just rolled out.

How can I use it?

We have long had a screenshot feature as part of our general live feed integration. However, until now, it has not been a straightforward process to retrieve any screenshots taken

It has has been simple to take a screenshot itself, as the image above shows, a simple air tap of the 'picture' icon when in Live Feed mode will do that.

However until now, users have needed to navigate into HoloLens device portal and access the specific folder in order to access the screenshot files. This was not necessarily cumbersome but not every enterprise user has this technical knowhow or patience.

Easy access for Remote Assistance and Training

Now, however, the process couldn't be simpler with the images now syncing directly with a users' PC in addition to their OneDrive account via the familiar Camera Roll folder.

This means that users needn't be technically proficient in order to access screenshots that have been taken via HoloMeeting. Why is this important?

Because it democratises the process. Often, as we have discovered, a user's inability to use technology can often result in that technology's failure. By making this process as simple as possible we have ensured that whoever takes part in a HoloMeeting live feed session can take and retrieve screenshots easily for remote manuals, aiding frontline workers with holographic remote assistance, or training or even for marketing materials and internal communications.

This simple feature, we believe, will enable HoloMeeting to be used more broadly within organisations.

More features to be announced as they come

As we are collaborating with businesses in our early access HoloMeeting Beta in order to meet client's needs, HoloMeeting is constantly being adjusted and improved. We are glad to keep you informed about the latest features.

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