HoloMeeting Feature Update: Holographic Avatar

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We are glad to introduce another creative feature of our immersive remote collaboration HoloMeeting: the holographic avatar.

HoloMeeting brings dispersed teams together by simplifying remote communication and collaboration. Operating as a virtual office or meeting room, HoloMeeting's shared workspace is comparable with the function of an office desk or meeting space.

The Mixed Reality solution for Microsoft Hololens allows teams to share up to 60 different file types as well as invoke the best that Mixed Reality has to offer in terms of the technology used.  We have incorporated features such as spatial sound and a live feed in order to make the experience as realistic, immersive and personalised as possiible.

While other HoloMeeting features such as the Freehand Draw Tool enable greater interaction and colaboration, the freehand draw tool for instance enables participants to draw directly into their environment while the Hololens Whiteboard to take notes and capture their thoughts.

It is this strive for an immersive and realistic experience that we have incorporated the holographic avatar into HoloMeeting.

Meeting and collaborating holographically with HoloMeeting

One of the core features then is the holographic avatar: it helps determine the HoloMeeting participants' relative location to the shared space. The avatar is combined with another essential feature, the gaze tracker. Visible as a colourful line in front of the avatar's HoloLens it helps to save explanation time and prevent misunderstandings by showing what participants are looking at.

Moreover, however, we have now allowed greater personalisation of this avatar to bring about more meaningful conversations and involvement between teams.

During HoloMeeting's early stages at the end of last year, each member of the meeting had been visual represented by a 3D model of an avatar wearing a HoloLens.

While this is still the default avatar in HoloMeeting, thanks to 3D scanning applications it is now possible to scan meeting participants before a meeting and add their personal static 3D scan to the application. This function enables the virtual meeting to take another step towards real, personalised meetings: it strengthens the participants' feeling of their colleagues being physically present.

By incorporating this additional level of personalisation into the application, HoloMeeting becomes more than a work tool but an integral part of an organisation's identity.

We intend to add additional degrees of personalisation as we move the development of HoloMeeting forward.

More Features Coming Soon

As we are collaborating with businesses in our early access HoloMeeting Beta in order to meet client's needs, HoloMeeting is constantly being adjusted and improved. We are glad to keep you informed about the latest features.

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