HoloMeeting Feature Update: HoloLens Freehand Draw Tool

Pauline Hohl

Pauline Hohl

January 12, 2018

It's been a busy week on the development front where HoloMeeting is concerned. This month we are planning to announce and roll out a number of different features for our remote communication and collaboration application.


And here we are again with a new feature. We are continuously discussing, both internally and externally, about the app and are open to feedback and development suggestions (in fact, clients participating in the beta programme are able to directly influence the development of HoloMeeting). 


We are glad to announce one of those feedback features here -the Freehand Draw Tool.

The recent development and announcement of the HoloMeeting Whiteboard tool has triggered positive reaction from our beta users and fulfils a desire to add new immersive dimensions to the HoloMeeting experience. The new whiteboard tool lays in unlimited possibilities to express oneself.

Since its early stages HoloMeeting has simplified communication for remote meetings.Features such as the gaze tracker save explanation time and effort when disussing both 2D and 3D files for instance.


(We have recently updated the amount of filetypes that can be easily imported and viewed in HoloMeeting so look out for HoloLens Solidworks, HoloLens Catia, HoloLens Autodesk and more integrations soon)


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 Immersive expression realised


With the Whiteboard feature a new form of expression has been added to our immersive remote collaboration: participants are now able to note or write down ideas as they come up with them.

Of course it can also be used to draw or sketch or brainstorming. The remote HoloMeeting sessions can now be as spontaneous and as creative, and collaborative, as 'real life' breakout sessions.

The idea for our newest HoloMeeting tool is the result of direct collaboration with partners: we listened to what companies wished for to help improve their HoloMeeting experience and the ability to notate directly on to files or in space was one of them.


The freehand draw tool goes beyond the Whiteboard feature and expands upon some of the best ideas and possibilities in Mixed Reality itself. In this respect, the freehand draw tool in HoloMeeting is actually more intiutive than a real-life scenario.

Our client feedback from the whiteboard has been nothing but positive. The ability to notate and highlight thoughts and specific pointers in this always visible way is key to enhancing a participant's understanding of the discussion.


Although participants have been able to write down thoughts and notes before thanks to the Whiteboard, they told us about their wish to annotate parts of 3D models or files for example - others wished to draw without being 'limited' or restricted to a Whiteboard.


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Articulate your viewpoint and direct your thoughts


The outcome of these client discussions was the Freehand Draw tool whose name is self-explanatory. The tool allows meeting members to draw directly into their environment.


The sketches remain until deleted by one of the participants.


The uses of this feature are numerous from 3D design and the ability to annotate design flaws or improvements, to training or workshopping sessions where points can be clearly made and direction given in a 3D rather than a flat environment.


We are sure too, that as more companies and industries are involved with HoloMeeting this feature can be adapted to specific needs and requirements.




The freehand draw tool marks an important new phase for HoloMeeting. It extends the creativity and in-depth, immersive potential of the application itself: for creative businesses as well as construction or engineering companies this tool can be of significant value.


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