HoloMeeting Feature Update: Introducing Sticky Notes

Matthew Bumford

Matthew Bumford

November 08, 2018

Part of building an engaging and immersive meeting and conference application in Mixed Reality is the constant question we are striving to answer. This question, of course, is - how do we make the experience more real?

We are firm believers in Mixed Reality not only as a driver of innovation but as a vehicle of the future workplace. It is a real source of pride that we are helping to build and facilitate this movement forward today. However, as part of our ongoing building and learning experience, we are often faced with the response 'what is wrong with the way we do meetings now.'


And while the genuine answer may well be 'nothing' we must also pose the question 'can this be improved?' One can imagine how, when faced with the choice of a car or a horse in the early 1900's many replied 'what is wrong with my horse?' 


This rather crude analogy is what faces us everyday however as we build our meeting and communication application. For we need to not only build a way to remote collaborate in the future but also one for today. 


This brings us to our latest feature within HoloMeeting - sticky notes.


Record notes with ease

As we have recently seen with the introduction of the recorded live stream, the ability to maintain and retain work scenarios is a key. The same goes for notes and now we have a way to add those little notes which come up in meetings that may be forgotten if not recorded.


When we began to use the notes as part of our Developer standup internally, our efficiency improved because once you have the ability to record something down 'oh I forgot' ceases to become an excuse.


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Notes are easy to place and don't distract from your meetings. In fact, thanks to our infinite mode, they can be placed anywhere within your environment to aid productivity, accountability and workflow. 


Selecting and annotating notes couldn't be simpler - simply select a new sticky note from the 'files' menu, pin it where you want and write. The notes feature works across all of our HoloMeeting devices including Surface Pro Tablets and Windows Desktop so notes can be written, shared and viewed by colleagues easily. 


Fluid meetings


Every feature we add is designed for ease of use and to increase efficiency and productivity of our application in general and we will continue to increase the usability of our applications as we onboard more improvements and features.



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