HoloMeeting Feature Update: Live Feed

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We are glad to announce another feature of our immersive collaboration solution: HoloMeeting Live Feed.

HoloMeeting allows for remote teams to collaborate, communicate, design and create remotely. The interactive Hololens solution brings coworkers together and simplifies remote communication thanks to numerous features we are continuously refining and adding to.

For instance, we recently announced support for over 60 different file types within HoloMeeting such as Solidworks, Revit, CAD, .jt Open Cad files, pdfs, images and more. This is in addition to a recent update which added a HoloLens Microsoft OneDrive integration.

HoloMeeting offers many new opportunities to help businesses communicate more effectively.

Live Feed Integration

While HoloMeeting has obviously been designed to be used collaboratively via the HoloLens, it is acknowledged that there are occasions where colleagues may not have direct access to a HoloLens or situations where it may be required to share your viewpoint with a remote colleage. Instances where HoloLens remote assistance is required for instance benefit greatly in this respect.

Live feed integration for HoloMeeting therefore gives users the ability to share their Hololenses' point of view which can be used in a variety of contexts as the user sees fit. As with other HoloMeeting features, this has been designed to work smoothly and effectively with a zero learning curve.

Setting up a HoloMeeting Liv Feed

After clicking the 'Live Feed' button at HoloMeeting's main menu a screen pops up showing the participant's environment. As most of the other features, the screen is dragged into the shared space in order for other members to see it. Participants have the option to adjust the live video's resolution: the buttons 'Low', 'Med' and 'Max' on the top left above the screen let the user modify the quality depending on the user's internet bandwidth.

This enables the feature to be used in a variety of real-world scenarios such as remotey, on-site or in the field. This level of flexibility maintains HoloMeetings real advantage as a communication and collaboration tool for a range of industry types and commercial uses.

An image button (top right) allows users to take screenshots of as pictured on live feed. As soon as a screenshot is made it pops up near the live feed screen. With the aid of the Freehand Draw Feature participants are also able to write or draw on the screenshots.

This is useful both for on the go annotations as well as preserving clear records of situations such as within HoloLens remote repair situations, product demonstrations etc.

If required, a user's fields of view can also be shared in 'recording mode' which means that in addition the user's field of view the full HoloMeeting scope (including any shared files and the holographic avatars of other participants) will be visible for others. Full teams can therefore be involved in multiple different ways and scenarios according to each situation's needs.

The Live View feature not only allows for businesses to move their meetings and discussions 'off site' as it were but  it also reduces potential misconceptions and misunderstandings as a picture is worth a thousand words as they say.

We look forward to further tests on the feature with clients in the field and to explore multiple ways in which enterprise clients can use it as part of the full HoloMeeting application.

More Features Coming Soon

As we are collaborating with businesses in our early access HoloMeeting Beta in order to meet client's needs, HoloMeeting is constantly being adjusted and improved. We are glad to keep you informed about the latest features.

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