HoloMeeting Feature Update: Lobby Feature

Matthew Bumford

Matthew Bumford

November 20, 2018

The lobby feature in HoloMeeting has been much sought-after and long-awaited. We are happy to announce that the feature has been released allowing users access to multiple rooms, as well as ensuring privacy and security of various virtual meeting spaces according to needs and requirements. 

HoloMeeting's mission to revolutionise the future of communication and collaboration is a lofty one but it is one borne out of real requirements of the needs of businesses today and in the very near future.

While there are multiple different methods of communication,  each with their own specific set of use cases (we are sure that in certain scenarios a telegram is a preferred method of contact and we all remember how important Morse Code was in beating the alien invasion in Independence Day!) it is very clear that there is a lot lacking in remote video conferencing options, and even in many ways, face to fact meetings themselves.

One response that sceptics to HoloMeeting and the idea of virtual meetings in general is that 'there is nothing wrong with the way we do meetings now' - the same was likely said about the telephone - 'there is nothing wrong with messenger boys' , the car 'my horse is fine thank you very much' and so on and so forth.

Often, it is not so much a fear of change which drives these responses but rather the practicalities of changing the way things had 'always been done'.

And so, with HoloMeeting, we set about changing perceptions and giving added value to meetings - making them dynamic, fluid and responsive - making virtual meetings be an option for replacing face to face meetings (when flying from place to place really should not be on the cards) and certainly replacing the very lacking video conference solutions which are currently available. 

It has been a long but exciting journey which we are still embarked upon but new features such us this bring us closer and closer to our goal. 

Why the lobby feature matters

The lobby feature has had a vital marker point on our roadmap since the early days of the application. Obviously, we had an app to build then and some features revolving around the workability of the app like the gaze tracker and 3D audio understandably took precedence in those initial development days. 

However, going back to the previous comment about the 'the way we do meetings right now is fine' comments - we had understood, even before these that at the very least we would need to be on par with current meeting solutions in terms of sheer usability.

So features like auto-calendar bookings and yes, a lobby feature became something of a defence mechanism for proponents of video conferencing - and just to confirm, we are not against video conferencing per se. There are clearly advantages for it, but in many ways and certainly for immersive meetings they are lacking.

This long-winded and roundabout introduction then brings us to the lobby feature and now, because of multiple rooms (actually unlimited rooms) and the overall feel of a really lobby gives HoloMeeting a real dimension that video conferencing cannot match. 

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Expanded possibilities for enterprise

Now, with the lobby feature users don't simply head straight into one defined meeting space. Instead they are free to wait until the appropriate meeting time - just like a real lobby! - in this virtual space. Multiple meetings can take place concurrently and users can swap in and out of rooms and back to the lobby with ease.

So if, for instance, the CFO needed to give a presentation to the board but then needed to head to a marketing meeting they could almost instantly via HoloMeeting. Or if a HR department needed to interview multiple candidates with lots of time cross over, this could be managed better within HoloMeeting, a surgeon needed to give advice to different in-the-field doctors around the globe - you get the point. The lobby makes it easier to communicate and collaborate at scale in a way that is intuitive and familiar. 

Logging in and switching rooms is easy and it is also something of a 'virtual water cooler' in the sense that conversation can be free with other members of your organisation outside of the 'real' meeting space. It gives possibilities and adds an even more dynamic dimension to HoloMeeting and what collaboration within Mixed Reality means and can be.

I hope you are as excited as we are for the feature!


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