HoloMeeting Feature Update: Support for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

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A feature we have not yet mentioned for HoloMeeting, our remote collaboration and communication app for HoloLens is the additional support for the Windows Mixed Reality ecosystem.

We are fully committed to Windows Mixed Reality from HoloLens to the occluded Windows MR headsets and have incorporated support for this infrastructure into HoloMeeting.

HoloMeeting brings dispersed teams together by simplifying remote communication and collaboration. It is best used as a remote work space to allow for fluid collaboration but its features allow it to be used in different ways too. For instance, the live view feature allows HoloMeeting to be used in the field as a form of remote assistance or as a training tool.

While it is likely that field operatives will use HoloLens in their day to day operations, this might not be true of the remote expert. However, by adding support for HoloMeeting through the Windows Mixed Reality headsets we have expanded the possibilities of the application itself.

The Windows Mixed Reality ecosystem has been envisaged as a more cost-effective alternative/support for HoloLens. This means that businesses will be able to  purchase headsets at a fraction of the cost of HoloLens but still utilize Mixed Reality functionality.

Microsoft has recently updated its support for the Windows MR ecosystem showing that it too, is fully behind the wider adoption and commercial integration of Mixed Reality.

By allowing users to access HoloMeeting through the less expensive Windows MR headsets we have enabled companies the potential to roll out the application more wider throughout their business. While HoloLens is still the optimal way to use HoloMeeting, and other Mixed Reality applications for that matter in order to unlock Mixed Reality's full potential, Windows MR headsets do offer a clear option to businesses wishing to expand their operations with Mixed Reality.

More features to be announced as they come

As we are collaborating with businesses in our early access HoloMeeting Beta in order to meet client's needs, HoloMeeting is constantly being adjusted and improved. We are glad to keep you informed about the latest features.

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