HoloMeeting Update v1.4.1

Maximilian Doelle

Maximilian Doelle

March 02, 2018


Here is the latest build news of our immersive HoloMeeting application


More info on our previous update can be found here but we also provide regular updates via our general blog too.


The next update will be released on Friday, 16th of March 2018.

HoloMeeting Update V 1.4.1


  • Anchor sharing for in-person shared mode
  • Display of application version on the menu 
  • Scalable Revit integration
  • Notification when holographic workspace capacity is reached
  • Notification when unsupported filetype is selected



  • Updated gaze tracker design to enhance person-to-person communication
  • Improved audio communication layer for Mixed Reality headsets
  • Confirmation message when adding yourself to waitlist
  • Screenshots taken via the live feed now have unique names to avoid overriding previous screenshots
  • Breadcrumb system for OneDrive to easily navigate folders
  • Name is automatically suggested based on email address (e.g. max.mustermann@mustermann.com uses the name max.mustermann as default)
  • Improved placement of shared holographic workspace
  • Fixed size of sub menu for PDFs
  • Revit sub menu is now centered and on-top of models with billboard function to ensure it is always perpendicular to the user
  • Added 3D app icon for Immersive Headsets



  • Fixed missing Skybox in Immersive Headsets
  • Resolved bug in live feed which encouraged users to click the live feed button muliple times despite the live feed already being activated. This caused empty camera instances on other users which could potentially lead to a hard crash.
  • Fixed a possible crash due to activating holograms in the live feed of another user 
  • Hologram stabiliser was not always in sync with other users. This has now been fixed


Known Bugs

  • Long file/folder lists within OneDrive can extend past the menu
  • Loading high polygon models (500k+) may cause audio artefacts
  • Having the device portal open may cause audio artefacts
  • Audio artefacts during live streaming
  • DAE files without textures are currently not working


Fortnighty Development Cycle and Updates

As mentioned, we are operating HoloMeeting on a fortnightly deveopment sprint cycle. This is part of our agile implementation to fit in with our Early Access Program, of which we are currently onboarding our initial clients.

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We look forward to bringing more HoloMeeting news and updates as they come and inviting more clients to join our access programme.


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