How HoloLens Will Disrupt The Construction Industry

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The construction industry relies heavily upon visualisation, yet remains dominated by pen and paper. Ripe for disruption, it was simply a matter of time before the force of mixed reality started to animate the industries.

One of the forces that is mapping the next frontier of construction and architecture is HoloLens. Developed by Microsoft, HoloLens is a Mixed Reality (MR) device that layers interactive holograms over its environment. For architects, it brings sketches and floor plans to life in 3D. For construction workers, it provides collaborative visualisations and rapid mapping of spaces. In short, HoloLens is changing the game.

HoloLens will allow on-site workers to access manuals and training information hands free whenever necessary. Through the 3D aspect of the visualisation, the spatial memory part of the brain is activated and information are retained 3-5 higher compared to looking at paper manuals. Here is an example:

At Kazendi, we developed Spatial Explorer, an app for HoloLens that rapidly creates detailed 3D scans and texture maps of the space around it. For construction, this means that building or space surveys can be carried out more quickly and effectively. Risk markers can be left real time, and by using a live stream, construction workers can use Request For Information (RFI) processes instantaneously. This promotes a faster problem-solving mechanism.

Mixed Reality offers a shared, collaborative experience for structural engineers, both in person and remotely. HoloLens layers holograms over physical 3D models, allowing for quick iterations.

As this video from Microsoft demonstrates, it bestows architects with more confidence in decision-making, as there is a vivid 3D preview of how their building will look both inside and in the street. 

Through innovative holographic software, HoloLens is bringing cutting-edge 3D visualisation to industries traditionally underpinned by paper and pen. Mixed Reality is mapping the next frontier of architecture and construction, providing reactive and immersive experiences for professionals and clients alike. And for HoloLens developers like us, we’re excited about being on the journey.

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