Kazendi and HoloMeeting at Microsoft Build 2018

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We are delighted to announce that we will be at this year’s Microsoft Build conference, showcasing our HoloMeeting solution live. If you will be in Seattle between the 7th to the 11th May come and see for yourself how HoloMeeting is changing the future of communication and collaboration through Mixed Reality.

An exciting partnership

We are proud to be official Microsoft Mixed Reality partners and regularly attend events alongside Microsoft team partners from around Europe. This will be our first foray into the home of Microsoft however and it is a testament both to our work in building and expanding HoloMeeting as well as to the close partnership we are forming with the extended Microsoft team. In fact, we will be spending some time after the event at Microsoft HQ in Richmond which we are also looking forward to.

At the event itself, we will have an on-site presence for the duration of the event and have a team ready to showcase HoloMeeting as part of a general HoloLens expo. We have been meeting regularly with the US-based team (holographically, of course!) to be able to provide an immersive, in-depth and highly informative demo of HoloMeeting and what it means for the future of collaboration.

We will also be launching a dedicated HoloMeeting website in time for the event so watch this space for that!

New exciting HoloMeeting features

What would a prestigious Microsoft event be without some surprises up our sleeve? We will, of course, be showing the existing features of HoloMeeting at the show such as the 3D spatial sound and support for over 60 different file types but, for the first time ever, participants will be able to join from HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality Headsets and from Surface Pro too!

We will be providing more details about that in due course, but we are excited to be able to provide a Mixed Reality/2D hardware hybrid of HoloMeeting, especially where Remote Assistance and the Live View feature are concerned as this has been a heavily requested feature from existing clients as part of our early access programme as well as those we have demoed too.So, we listened and look forward to trialing the feature live at the event as well as releasing it fully in due course.

A full event

It promises to be a full-throttle event with demos, conferences, meetings and, of course, plenty of development ongoing across the three days in Seattle. As mentioned, we will then be spending some time at Microsoft HQ before heading back to Europe.

Some of the team have stayed back of course and will be supporting via HoloMeeting itself, Social Media and other channels so it is a real team event that we can’t wait to get started. Look out for updates across the few days and we’ll let you know how things have gone in due course.

Again, we are excited to be a part of Build 2018 and cannot wait to be able to showcase our solution to an eager audience across the pond.

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