Kazendi Help Launch Mayor of London Digital Talent Programme

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Last week on Wednesday 28th February, the Mayor of London in collaboration with our long term affiliates at ERIC Festival held a Digital and Tech event for young talent interested in the Tech world. The main scope of the event was to launch the Mayor’s new £7m Digital Talent programme across London.

Held in the brand new offices of Bloomberg, the event introduced young people to the world of Digital & Tech whilst demonstrating how to start a career in these fields. Kazendi took the floor alongside the likes of Google and Microsoft as one of the main demo partners at the event, demoing our solutions.

We were also able to get to know the future generation too and see their interest in the latest technology which is always great to be a part of.

Building London’s Future

In attendance were an exclusive bunch of 100 young people keen to get involved in the tech world, be it in development, marketing or operational roles. It was our role as guests to help them better understand what the future holds in the industry and give them an insight as to how they can position themselves to have a better career in techy. Of course, they also had the opportunity to try out our HoloLens solutions which was a firm favourite among the crowd.

The evening started off with a speech from the Mayor of London himself, inspiring the youth to engage and better understand the opportunities available to them. He conveyed that the future belongs to the Digital and Tech world and that the companies present are among the few to lead the world into a smarter, brighter and more exciting future. It was great to see such a prominent member of society strive to support our industry and the future really does look bright for the world of tech! The digital fund that he launched will allow young people from across London the access to the educational foundation they need to succeed in the industry.

After the Mayor’s speech, there were a few workshops on career progression and how to break into the industry as well as short introductions from each company that was chosen to take part in this event. At this point the attendees were given the opportunity have a drink, network and try out some of the demos available.

Immersive Experiences

The main solutions we displayed were our Segro and Remy Martinprojects. This gave the young people an insight into the possibilities of Mixed Reality. However, what really got the crowd thinking was the prospect of HoloMeeting which we were only able to show briefly. It was that both they saw a lot of potential in HoloMeeting and immediately found innovative use cases for it. It was great to see the younger generation engage with our technology and know that they see a future in it too.

Overall, the event was a resounding success and we at Kazendi want to say a big thank you to the Mayor of London and the people at ERIC Festival for organising another great event. It was a fantastic way to engage with the next generation and I hope that we were able to inspire them.

We hope too that the Digital Talent fund will enable Londoners from a diverse range of backgrounds the opportunities they need to explore and excel in the tech industry.

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