My Internship at Kazendi

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Six months ago I started my internship at Kazendi although it feels like it has been yesterday. As they say, time runs fast when you’re having fun. And so now it has come to my last day here at Kazendi so I look back on my time with the team.

When I applied for the sales and business development internship at the end of August I didn’t have any precise knowledge about Mixed Reality and Microsoft Hololens. Having a complete different background, I didn’t know much about immersive technologies at all.

I needed to undertake a six month internship as part of my fashion and design management studies in Munich, Germany.

As I always liked to experiment and try out new things, I decided to look for a startup: positive feedback from friends who had worked for startup companies convinced me. Also, I liked the idea of having an overview about internal business processes which often is not possible in big companies.

Of course, I wanted to take the chance to discover a new city too. As a typical tourist I visited London twice before and found it really likeable. The city's cosmpolitan nature and people’s open-mindedness impressed me. Finally, a friend who lived and worked in London for several years recommended me the startup recruiting platform ‘Angel List’ - it’s not quite known in Germany. Kazendi’s introduction on Angel List made me curious about Mixed Reality and immersive technologies so I applied and received a prompt reply.

My application process included two interviews with CEO Max and Head of Marketing Matt  as well as the virtual attendance of the weekly team drinks.

I found Max and his team really likeable and when I received the confirmation for my internship starting in September 2017 I was more than happy to learn more about Mixed Reality but also to call London my new home.

Learning and Growing

From the beginning, I really enjoyed working with the team - being based near Liverpool Street Station the office is in the heart of London’s east. The beginning of my internship coincided with the end of a summer internship programme that Kazendi had run throughout the summer. I appreciated instantly the transparency at Kazendi and learnt that startup life is not for the faint hearted!

I worked closely with Sriram whose internship started at the same day as well. Both of us were Sales and Business Development interns - we attended many events together and had lots of fun, as well as having important roles as representatives of the company.

In the first few weeks of my internship there were many technology and innovation events of which Kazendi was a part. For instance, in September I visited both Newcastle and Liverpool to attend conferences and trade shows.

The fast-moving nature of the company was exciting, and so many people are new to the technology so it was good to be a part of helping their learning process as I grew in my knowledge too.

Move to marketing

At the end of 2018, Max and Matt decided to split Sriram’s and my tasks: from this time on Sriram took on the sales process with Max while I helped Matt with marketing.

The split-up was really useful as our tasks were clearly defined and I was able to work closely with Matt on our new project, HoloMeeting.

When Kazendi began with the development of its own application HoloMeeting in late 2017, the focus of the company changed. I assisted Matt with the creation of new marketing content and the commercialisation of the new product. My tasks included contacting magazines who would report on HoloMeeting as well as visiting their offices to present our product.  

This was exciting to be given so much responsibility to be the 'face' of the company in these scenarios.

The launch of our remote collaboration solution for Microsoft Hololens has been the most interesting part of my internship as I was able to follow the process from its launch to the acquisition of its first customers. The immersive communication tool awakened the interest of several big, international companies and involved many interesting trips.

Leaving with fond memories

Leaving Kazendi is not only hard because of the nice team but also because of HoloMeeting’s advancement: our development team constantly works on the Beta Programme and Kazendi publishes new features and updates every two weeks. I had never worked with a product in this manner before, but have learned a lot by working closely with all of our departments to really see the product progress.

The best and most important thing about my time at Kazendi? It wakened my interest in immersive technologies. Apart from my curiosity for the latest technology news it is one of my goals for the next months to engage more and improve my technical knowhow. With the aid of online courses I will acquire UI and UX design as well as the basics of Javascript programming.  

Apart from my new field of interest I learned a lot about marketing and sales thanks to Max and Matt.

I am glad to stay up to date with the progress of HoloMeeting and will curiously read the weekly newsletter every Friday.

I would like to thank Kazendi for an interesting and fulfilling six months!

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