Power BI Comes To Mixed Reality

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After the recent Windows 10 Spring update, there is even more good news where Mixed Reality is concerned. Power BI, a cloud-based business analytics service provided by Microsoft, has recently announced its application preview for the HoloLens.

Understanding the importance of data, the Power BI for Mixed Reality app has been successfully built with creative features and functions that enables businesses to have convenient ways to access to data as well as adding great advantages to firstline workers in their decision-making process.

By building and expanding the application specifically for the use with HoloLens, it shows that Microsoft are further strengthening the enterprise infrastructure through Mixed Reality. It is yet another sign of support for the wider Mixed Reality ecosystem for Microsoft.


What are the new features and functions in the application?

The application has numerous updated features, all geared towards improving the way HoloLens users can interact with data consumption analytics within Mixed Reality. Through Power BI or ‘Business Intelligence’ workers will not only be provided with real time business information but also with a unique and engaging experience. The software suite certainly lives up to its name where Mixed Reality is concerned.

Widening the potential of Mixed Reality

There are a number of new features which have been added to the software specifically for a Mixed Reality experience in mind. For instance, there is an option to Pin an item and Switch to holographic view which will allow workers to arrange data as well as view a number of items together with actual context in real-world environment. These specific modes serve to remove the difficulties in managing schedules and tasks which are one of the biggest challenges for first line workers.

HoloLens users can easily “pin” important reports or dashboards on top of a specific location such as in a  factory operations room and have the data follow them to another place for later use.  

The application also provides workers different methods to better access information. Besides giving orders using hand gestures ‘airtap’, you can also use voice command. Additionally, report pages are now simply opened by scanning QR code placed in the physical world.

Overall, this application highlights the potential capabilities of Mixed Reality and how it can disrupt conventional procedures and how businesses use and access data.

What this means for HoloMeeting

At Kazendi, our goal is to provide an effective communication and collaboration tool for workers while working remotely in various industries. Hence, it is also our quest to accelerate and maintain the continuous flow of data for workers so as to help them make informed business decisions.

We strongly believe that big data underpins all technology enhancement. The preview edition of the Microsoft Power BI for Mixed Reality application has paved the way for our HoloMeeting solution to have further positive impacts on data transmission.

Taking advantage of Mixed Reality

It must be remembered that the HoloLens is, first and foremost, a work tool. But in actual fact, the better analogy is to perhaps think of the HoloLens as the toolbox itself. By incorporating Power BI into the HoloLens with clear aims of how data can be brought to workers and then harnessed and utilised it is another ‘tool’ in the proverbial toolbox for Microsoft and HoloLens.

This only aids our own development as it strengthens the ecosystem as a whole, leading to increased possibilities on the platform and more and more uses for the hardware. The HoloLens is not a one function device and applications like our own HoloMeeting app or Power BI serve as a supporting reminder of how businesses can utilize a whole range of applications to improve their existing processes through Mixed Reality.

Through this exciting piece of news from Microsoft, we have the opportunity to further reflect on our work such as the existing features and improvements in HoloMeeting and how we are updating and adding more creative and useful tools to our application.

We have already incorporated core features that allow workers to share their live feeds for example. This blend of the real and the virtual worlds is a truly powerful way for internal communication and problem solving. It is also gives companies the ability to record real-time information, thereby increasing the fluidity and speed at which decisions can be taken and problems solved.

We are excited by this recent addition to the Mixed Reality app suite from Microsoft and look forward to more enterprise clients embracing what immersive technologies can bring to their businesses.

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