Saying Goodbye - Why I Left Kazendi Hien

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It is hard to believe that my one-year working at Kazendi has come to an end. It feels like it has gone by just in the blink of an eye. Time does fly, but it’s the little memories that will last a lifetime. I feel grateful for the whole unforgettable journey and invaluable experience gained at Kazendi that cannot be unshared.

How my journey started

I have always been interested in new technologies and how they are introduced into our daily and working lives which is why attended the TechXLR8 trade show in London last year. While there, I saw Kazendi’s demonstrations and was so intrigued by what Mixed Reality had to offer. I can still recall the mind-boggling feeling when I first got my hands-on and tried the HoloLens headset. My full attention was instantly captivated by the immersive experience that I had never experienced before.

And so, I had no hesitation to apply for a summer internship at Kazendi in order to feed my curiosity on emerging technologies, particularly on Mixed Reality and what the company was building. I was even more confident about my decision after attending the software applications’ demo for HoloLens at the event to learn more about this futuristic technology and what it can bring to daily life today. What is more, I was excited to challenge myself in a fast-pace working environment where the ability to adapt quickly with unanticipated changes is a must.

I quickly started off my recruitment process by taking face-to-face interviews with the CEO, Max and joining team drinks to meet other colleagues. All the team members gave me good vibes about the working and learning culture and I soon happily started my summer internship starting in July 2017 along with other interns on the programme.

The learning process

Everything truly happens fast in a startup company. My first week was not only about shadowing staff and getting yourself familiar with the company’s software tools and processes but also putting my own ideas into practice and taking early responsibilities. Initially, as an marketing intern, I was responsible for various task such as producing blog posts and searching for potential monthly networking events.

I learned a lot for the first few weeks, received supports from colleagues and useful feedback from the Head of Marketing, Matt. Even though Matt was working remotely he was still able to support the CEO and the team to achieve the weekly goals set by assigning each task based on each member’s strength accordingly. I was able to learn so much about HubSpot and Inbound marketing and I eventually went on to ‘own’ the weekly company newsletters after I transitioned to a permanent role. Thanks to the teaching and learning process at Kazendi, my marketing skills have reached new levels.

Apart from working in an office-based environment, I also had loads of fun attending various events in support of the company. It was not just the unique chance to talking to people to inform them about Mixed Reality and promote our current projects. It was also the best time to further strengthen my teamwork with other members. I would treasure every single moment I had with all the team members that helped build a strong lasting friendship.

Moving from internship to part-time

I was lucky enough to receive an offer to work part-time as a marketing assistant in Kazendi following my internship. I continued supporting the company on promoting current projects but the work was scaled up a bit and I was able to take on much more responsibilities.

I was thrilled to be a part of the growing process and see the sturdy moving-forward steps of Kazendi on the ladder of becoming widely acknowledged by many industries through its own application HoloMeeting.

Being able to directly gaining insightful information and actively create the image for this remote solution is one of the most exciting tasks of my time at Kazendi. I strongly believe that the application will successfully disrupt businesses in diverse ways.

Saying goodbye

This blog cannot cover all priceless lessons I wanted to share during my time with Kazendi. It’s the same as saying now words cannot express how much I appreciate for the learning opportunities that greatly contributed to my personal growth and development.

I want to deeply thank Max and Matt for their constant supports and helpful advice. I also want to thank my team members for their tolerance on my mistakes (just kidding!) and all the good old memories we created together.

As I move on to a new company, in a different field I know I will continue to grow thanks to the opportunity that I had with Kazendi.

Again, thank you Kazendi for the amazing time! I will always remember to support for Kazendi from afar.

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