Trimble's Hard Hat Support for HoloLens Means Good Things for Mixed Reality

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Nowadays, many organisations have been adopting and successfully leveraging the benefits and potential that advanced technologies bring to their operating process. Mixed Reality is one of the cornerstones of this new digital impact is having on industries. However, it is clear to say that while AEC industries look prime for disruption from Mixed Reality, there has not been the wide adoption that was perhaps thought of when the technology first came along.

There are potentially a number of reasons for this but hardware may have played a significant part in the lack of wider adoption in this key industry segment. It is good news then that  Trimble has announced the release of its official hard hat solution for Microsoft HoloLens. As an early pioneer of HoloLens technology, Trimble has been keen to see Mixed Reality make clear inroads into the construction, architecture and engineering industries and the hardhat announcement is the latest proof of that.  

Connecting a suite of HoloLens apps

One of the key selling points of Microsoft HoloLens is that it runs on the underlying Windows 10 infrastructure. This means that multiple applications, for a variety of different industry use cases can be used on the same device.

That Trimble has developed its own cloud suite of construction and engineering-specific applications for HoloLens comes as no surprise and highlight’s the company’s determination to support the technology.

Trimble’s Connect for HoloLens, for instance, effectively improves quality control processes and work productivity by providing precise holographic overlays on a 1:1 scale on the job site. This is an alternative way to support the BIM process through HoloLens as frontline workers can easily see both the things that were already built and the models are being built in the physical environment.

This application alone highlights the huge impact that Mixed Reality could potentially bring to the industries and the information and visualisation power that Mixed Reality brings to the frontline workers themselves.

What this means for HoloMeeting

As the hard hat solution for HoloLens is a hardware attachment, HoloLens users and companies are still free to pursue the range and breadth of applications that the whole HoloLens ecosystem has to offer.

At Kazendi, we agree that the AEC industries have much to gain from Mixed Reality and are excited by the news that HoloLens, with this add-on will finally be  industry compliant for use in hard hat zones.

For HoloMeeting, which has been designed to further transform the way corporations communicate, collaborate and expedite their processes this addition gives further scope to the usage and brings the conversation to the frontline where constructor, architect and planner can all be present at the building site through the application.

This brings tremendous possibilities for moving forward and expediting processes as well as reducing costs and bringing about greater transparency and personalisation to processes as all parties can be clearly engaged with one another.

As our solution can be used across a variety of potential use cases too, it gives options for the same application to be as useful in the boardroom as it does at the construction site. We are firm believers that the ‘office’ or ‘meeting space’ as it is known now will look very different in years to come. While seemingly an innocuous piece of innovation for the construction industry, the hard hat addition from Trimble helps to further break down these boundaries.

Through HoloMeeting, we aim to bring features that give workers the ability to achieve better communication and collaboration while working remotely and be an effective collaboration and communication tool.

We are excited by this new piece of innovation from Trimble that will allow the HoloLens access to spaces that regulation has meant that it could not previously have accessed. We hope that this is backed up by more use cases within the AEC industries and sparks the disruption that will move the industry forward.

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