WAQ17 Canada - Designing UX & UI For Microsoft HoloLens

Maximilian Doelle

Maximilian Doelle

April 13, 2017

Kazendi brought Mixed Reality to Quebec City in April for WAQ 2017, the largest French-language digital event in North America. 

Discussing designing UX and UI for Microsoft HoloLens, it was an opportunity for us as a development studio to show some of the work we have been doing and our creative approach to problem-solving. 

Read our recap of the event and the key learnings from some of the speakers:

Peter Burjanec.jpegPeter Burjanec - Lead Product Designer at IBM iX

My good friend Peter, who I am grateful for introducing me to Bertrand from the WAQ team, was invited to share his experiences of improving the design-to-dev handoff process using Sketch & Zeplin.

The room was packed - a lot of the attendees seem to share similar challenges handing off design work to the dev team or, as Peter described it, handing off your baby to daycare. 

In short, Peter's recommendations were:

  • Design should not live inside a bubble. Make sure to integrate it into the entire product journey
  • Use Zeplin to become more transparent in your design communication, but don’t treat it as a layer of separation
  • Always keep your stakeholders and developers engaged. Zeplin is great for this


IMG_2366.jpgKate Russell, journalist, author and presenter on BBC Click

It was great to see a fellow Londoner in the speaker's line-up. Kate shared her insights in regard to influencer marketing.

Kate successfully raised funds for her two books via Kickstarter (check them out here). Since she has over 75k followers on Twitter, Kate was able to speak about both sides of influencer marketing: being contacted as an influencer and reaching out to potential influencers.

Kate's recommendations were:

  • Send personalised requests (not 'Dear First Name')
  • Engage with the influencer on their preferred communication channel (for Kate, it's Twitter)
  • Don't write a book. Keep communication short, sweet and sexy


IMG_2559-1.jpgNow it was time for my talk. The topic of the talk was "Designing UX & UI For Microsoft HoloLens" and aimed to teach attendees particularly around managing HoloLens' limited field of view through smart design.

In short, our learnings were:

  • Employ UI that is relatively placed to the user therefore moves away from the user when he or she gets to close
  • Enable the user to adapt the UI size to a certain degree
  • Employ voice commands as well as relative world coordinate interactions to allow for hands-free operation

New Call-to-action

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On Wednesday, we were kindly invited to an exclusive speakers' dinner at the Saint Augustine. it was a great opportunity to get to know each other.

For our London-based audience, Dave Malouf (@daveixd on Twitter), will be holding a series of workshops in England and Scotland in the near future. If you are interested, check out the event page here.



Eric Ladizinsky, Chief Scientist at D-Wave

Eric Ladizinsky represented D-Wave, the world's first Quantum Computing company, I believe. 

Eric introduced the audience to the fantastic world of Quantum computing, opening our minds to the possibilities of the quantum world. Recently, D-Wave in cooperation with Google has proven that it can be up to 100,000,000 (100 million) times faster than classical computing.

In short:

  • Quantum Computing can be more than 100,000,000 times faster than traditional computing (given the right problem)
  • It can be applied to problems like finding the most fuel efficient route for companies like UPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Allows us to process all possible outcomes of a problem and returns the statistical probability



It has been a fantastic week in Canada and it was great introducing the attendees of WAQ to the opportunities of HoloLens as well as managing its limitations through smart design.

It was great to see the feedback on Twitter from my presentation at WAQ. Hearing responses such as "the highlight of my day" and "mind = blown!" are always encouraging!

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