Welcome to 2018

Matthew Bumford

Matthew Bumford

January 05, 2018

We wanted to take a brief opportunity to say welcome to 2018! It doesn’t feel like two weeks since we broke up for Christmas and said goodbye to last year.


However, time stands still for no one and here we are again, back in the swing of things and ready for a positive year.


What does 2018 have in store for Kazendi?


As with last year, we are open to surprises whether it be approaches from new clients or of the blue invitations to conferences or panels and events but that is part and parcel of the startup adventure and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Of course, we are still heavily focused on the development and implementation of our HoloMeeting application and we have plenty of exciting new features to share very soon with you on that front such as a whiteboard and free-hand draw feature as well as one click uploads of many new 3D files such as Rhino, Maya and AutoCad to enable a seamless experience of HoloMeeting across a range of different industries.




We can say too that we have embedded many of the features and functionality of HoloAssistance into the application which provides a more robust and more in depth experience for users beyond meeting and workshop scenarios. There will be an update blog in due course about this advancement.


Thanks must go to our development team for working during the holidays on the application.


We are currently in the process of expanding our dev team to be able to embed more features into HoloMeeting as well as increase our project capacity.


Around the world


With remote meeting and collaboration only set to grow in 2018, geographic boundaries no longer have the finality that they once did, even a few years ago. Borders become malleable and business can be conducted smoothly and efficiently. We are excited that so many companies globally have shown keen interest in our HoloMeeting Beta Programme and see it as a key tool for realising the future of work.


Our course, we too are now a fully remote workforce and while our base is in London, have colleagues spread across three continents and so are practising what we preach in this respect.


That said, just like last year 2018 will see us be involved in events physically in several international locations which always gives us the chance to see new faces, engage with clients directly and spread the holographic revolution further.




2018 the breakout year for Mixed Reality?


With Magic Leap finally joining the Mixed Reality party there is clearly healthy competition and clear investment in the MR industry. We would say, however, that 2017 was Mixed Reality’s breakout year with seeds set across a wide scope of industries with proof of concepts giving way to real commercial applications and ROI for companies who have embraced and invested in immersive technology.


We definitely expect industry gains to continue this year as more long-term development projects are realised and released and, with Microsoft opening up the HoloLens to even more territories it is clear that Mixed Reality adoption will become more and more widespread.


So we expect clear growth and a continuation of existing projects and partnerships. As 2017 saw a number of clear industry winners who were early adopters of the technology the more cautious industry players will likely join Mixed Reality projects to further grow the industry.


Any concerns for the year?


While overall we predict the industry will see growth it must be remembered that Mixed Reality is an industry in its infancy. We have no doubt as to its potential to revolutionise the workplace and day to day processes across a number of business types. HoloLoens as we know it is still a development platform at it will likely be 2019 before a second version is released. The price point too means that there is a limit to the non-corporate scaling of the technology but the positives are certainly there.


Overall we are excited and welcome 2018 with much hope and enthusiasm for the year ahead.


Here’s to a successful 2018 for all.


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