What Flaws In Skype for Windows Mean for HoloMeeting

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With recent news emerging about a major security flaw affecting Skype for Windows we took a more in depth view of the wider communication ecosystem and how this could ultimately affect businesses.

To give a brief summary, the flaw in question has been designed to confuse the regular Skype updater leaving it open to hacks thus allowing would-be attackers to download a malicious or fake DLL and inject it into a PC’s personal file system. The bug needs a little bit more than a patch or a security update to fix however and will only be fixed with the next version of Skype.

While this is an issue for Skype for Windows it will undoubtedly be of concern for businesses who rely on security as well as stable builds of applications across all verticals.

Fluid communication

At Kazendi, we’ve come to know that a security fault is not only potentially harmful to personal data but also it can impede the fluidity process of communicating and collaborating when it comes to remote working. In short, businesses need reliability.

It is not only about the danger of how much important information may be leaked but imagine how many meetings or conference calls companies could miss due to the waiting time for a new version of Skype or in the cross-over of switching to another software tool?!.

While we cannot comment or speculate on third party bug patches or version implementations we have seen from our own experiences, how roadmaps can be adjusted or even halted by reasons outside of our control.

In the case of Skype for Windows, it is clear that many businesses will be impacted during this period of not knowing.

To avoid this with HoloMeeting our Mixed Reality telepresence application we are committed to providing concise stable builds to clients and committed fortnightly development sprints in order to accomodate software needs, feature updates and bug fixes.

Because of our rolled out stable build system we are able to remove any potential inefficiencies and maximise the reliability of the application.

All of this stems from our desire to establish HoloMeeting as an integral conferencing, collaboration, meeting and tool for business. Our HoloLens experts believe that the advantages of HoloMeeting are numerous that will positively transform the way corporations communicate, collaborate and expedite their processes. HoloMeeting will eventually help enterprise and business users to overcome the limitations of video conferencing toolsthanks to its unique features and development process.

Committed development cycle

What differentiates HoloMeeting from other existing video conferencing tools is the capability of its core features. Together these create an all-in-one tool set to help businesses collaborate better.

We are constantly updating and expanding our HoloMeeting application with more features.The recent version of HoloMeeting, v1.2.1 for instance has been made with significant improvements and immersive features. For example the application can now be used to promote remote assistance thanks to the Live Feed Update while up to 60 different file types are now supported in the application.

Our development cycle has been designed with the enterprise user at heart who benefit from regular feature updates while being able to rely on stable builds of the application, regardless of sprint cycle, as they communicate and collaborate as part of their work processes.

To stay up to date with HoloMeeting features and their potential functions, simply subscribe to our weekly newsletter at the bottom of the page.

We are also happy to provide demos of HoloMeeting to enterprise users who can simply follow the link and fill out the form in order to experience the immersive capabilities of the application for themselves.

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