Why I'm Leaving Kazendi - Sriram

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Alas my time at Kazendi has come to a close! It has been a rollercoaster 6 months which has sped by, feeling more like six weeks than six months. I thought it would be nice to share with you my experiences of working at Kazendi, and what a pleasure it has been.

The Beginning

Being a fresh Economics graduate from Warwick, the set path for many of my peers and I was a career in finance in the professional hub of London. I chose a different path however asI wanted real experience in my first role out of University.  Throughout my time at uni. Many people advised me that sales was a great way to develop crucial soft skills and provides the opportunity to work with clients face to face which had always appealed to me. Such responsibility is rare in graduate schemes and when this opportunity came along, I did not need a second look to apply.

The start-up environment and ecosystem really appealed to me and as Kazendi work in new immersive technologies I found this to be exciting. Working at the forefront of technology in the heart of London was a prospect I could not pass up. I found the application process really open and straightforward involving an interview with the CEO, Max and an invite to meet the team at the office over drinks.

Representing Kazendi at events has been a highlight of my time

It was an eye-opener from the tired and tough image that I had expected of an interview and it was an initial showcase of the transparency of the company.

I should have guessed from the speed of the interview process that working at a start-up would be incredibly fast-paced, volatile and often unstructured (in a positive way of course). However crazy the start-up culture, Kazendi exceeded any expectations that I had for working at my first professional job. Of course, it was not without its hiccups and bumps in the ride, but these obstacles taught me a huge amount. You cannot learn to get up if you have never fallen down, as they say.

I think it was this real and raw and honest way that Kazendi has - the openness of building a business and a product in a fast-paced and difficult market and the admittance that I would be given a lot of responsibility and be ‘thrown in at the deep end’ as it were, really appealed to me.

The Learning Curve

The first week was intense to say the least. Kazendi has a really clear approach to initial training, and it is almost boot-camp style in the amount of information you acquire over such a short initial period. Each day was spent training, be it in lead generation or understanding the technology. The highlight was of course being able to take the HoloLens home and try out the various Kazendi applications. I barely knew anything about the HoloLens before I had joined and it felt like a whole new technological world had opened up to me. It is very rare that technology that you see in films is now found in your bedroom. By the end of the week, I had attended my first event, already representing Kazendi and confirming my belief that this was the right choice in terms of real experience.

I was shown the ropes by the people in charge of their respective departments, be it product, development, sales or marketing and so you really got involved right from the beginning. The instruction was good and I liked that no matter how busy each of the department leads were, they always took the time to answer any questions I had and made the learning curve as smooth as possible.

Unfortunately, not long after I started a colleague left which brought home the rollercoaster life that startups must deal with. Start-ups are so swift in changing direction and being in such a volatile environment means that change is ever present. I remembered that actually this was all laid out to me at the beginning during my interview stage, that you must be adaptable within such an early stage startup but being a close team also means ‘no surprises’ as decisions are open and well-explained.

Learning the role

Being a business development representative involved quite a lot including researching leads, contacting them and setting up demos. This was the main function of my role however this grew very fast into handling demos, attending events and even helping Matt with marketing. The best part of my time at Kazendi was definitely giving demos to a variety of people. Be it large corporations in swanky offices, high ranking individuals in rooftop bars or passers by in trade events. Teaching people and enabling them to get excited about the future is incredibly rewarding and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Some of my personal highlights was being flown out to Belfast to attend Big Data Belfast, going to Harrogate with Matt for the Flooring Show and simply being a part of the  company as it became an official Microsoft partner. The latter was a surreal moment for me, being in the London office of the largest technology company in the world, showing them our new HoloMeeting solution and seeing them amazed was a great experience.

I think that I learned more in my 6 months with Kazendi than I would have in a year or two years in another company and I have been grateful to have had so many eye-opening experiences in this relatively short time frame.

To the Future

Even though I am moving on to new pastures, I cannot state how important these 6 months at Kazendi have been to me in terms of both personal and professional development. Working closely with Max has been an honour and I have learnt so much from him. I also want to thank Matt, our Head of Marketing, for the continued support and the kind words. To the rest of the team, especially Pauline, for the fun times and experiences we shared. It has all added to me and I want to wish everyone the best for the future. Kazendi is going places and I cannot wait to see it take a central role in progressing our technological future.

(Edit Matt - Head of Marketing @ Kazendi)

I just wanted to go on record to say thanks for Sriram for coming on board and putting his all into what has undoubtedly been an intense period in Kazendi’s history. He has held himself diligently and has been a strong representative of the company on many occasions. I wish him well on his next steps as he continues his career.

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