What is hololens?

Richard Branson & Maximilian Doelle

Hololens is a mixed reality device - recognising the environment around itself and overlaying information.

You are basically creating your own reality and shaping it through gestures and gaze tracking.

It is probably one of the most disruptive technologies out there right now - even Richard Branson agrees :)

The question is not why you want to experience but rather why not?


Maximilian Doelle was chosen as Head of Disruption for Virgin's Disruptors event on the 3rd of October 2016. As part of that, Max seized the opportunity to introduce Sir Richard Branson to the fantastic world of mixed reality.

How can i experience it as a company?

For companies, we offer a half-day HoloLens Ideation Workshop and allow you to experience the device in the comfort of your own premises, giving you and your employees the necessary time and opportunity to experience the device in-depth.

The workshop has the format:

30 mins Presentation
Explaining the opportunities and limitations of the technology in question

60 mins Hands-on
Every participant will have the possibility to try out the technology themselves, ask questions and gain hands-on experiences

120 mins Ideation
We will conduct a guided ideation session to collaboratively identify business opportunities

We will have breaks in-between the activities and recommend the workshop to be followed by an open networking session.

You will receive a write up of the ideated use case and discussion points.

How can i experience it as an Individual?

For individuals, we offer 1 hour workshops for £30 + VAT per person.

You will have the chance to experience the device with up to 9 others at our premises and will be able to explore for yourself the unique features offered by Hololens.

The workshops generally run from 6 - 7pm and mostly take place at our office at WeWork,9 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4YD.

We have now also added international workshops in New York, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne and Berlin with further workshops to come! Drop us a line at max@kazendi.com in case you would like to see one being conducted in your city.

We have the following dates available:



How rare is Hololens?

Hololens was recently released by Microsoft as a developer edition. Invited developers are able to purchase a device and the purchases are served in waves, so far 2 waves have been served and we estimate that less than 1,000 devices have been shipped.

Is there something comparable?

The only comparable technology is Magic Leap but so far only patent filings have been released and no detailed production information. We are not expecting a developer edition before the end of 2017.

Where are you based?

We are based near Liverpool Street. Feel free to give us a shout if you are in the area!

What else do you do? 

Our mission is to help large corporates to innovate quicker. We offer a one week prototyping service to take an idea to a stage where it can be tested with customers.