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Introducing HoloMeeting


When meeting or collaborating with colleagues, most would say that their preferred option is face to face. However, this option does not often exist with dispersed workforces, remote collaboration and out of office working becoming more and more commonplace.

Working and collaborating in an intuitive, immersive and collaborative manner is becoming necessary across a wide range of industries.

For true collaborative working, existing video conferencing solutions are somewhat lacking. This is why we developed HoloMeeting, a holographic workplace solution which allows co-workers to remotely meet, collaborate and communicate via the Microsoft HoloLens.


The Features


Shared Workspace

 shared wo.png


The core feature of HoloMeeting is the Shared Workspace. This is what allows HoloMeeting to elevate meetings from mere discussion to become a realworld collaborative solution. 

Participants are able to place content in the shared workspace from 3D models to pdf documents to presentations and more. The content can be seen by all members of the meeting who engage with it and discuss iwith the same depht as if it was a traditional meeting.


 HoloGraphic Avatar


holographic av.png


Every participant in a HoloMeeting is represented by a Holographic Avatar so other participants are able to virtually 'see' one another. All of this takes place around the shared workspace.

So unike teleconferencing or even video conferencing which, by nature are static, HoloMeeting is a true immersive solution that encourages engagement and collaboration.


Spatial Sound


spatial s.png

Spatial Sound promotes true, real-to life engagement and avoids the conflict of participants speaking over one another. For example, if a colleague walks from the right to the left, the sound will also transition from your right ear to your left. 

Participants no longer need to speak over one another making conversations and therefore collaborative work much more realistic and intuitive with HoloMeeting.


Gaze Tracker


gaze tr.png

Because HoloMeeting encourages collaboration, participants are able to move around the shared workspace to gain different viewpoints and perspecives of what is being discussed.

In order to keep a track of the location and the direction each particant is looking the gaze tracker has been designed to allow each participant to see exactly where the others are looking to a) be able to clarify points easier and b) ascertain just how actively they are participating in the meeting.


About Mixed Reality  

Mixed Reality allows users to interact with digital holograms placed within the physical world. With Mixed Reality, every hologram that you see is informed by real-time positional data.

Experienced through Microsoft HoloLens, Mixed Reality has application across numerous sectors from construction to banking.

Mixed Reality is poised to become the future of work and collaboration for multiple industries and can connect departments, teams and contractors for improved communication and efficiency.


About us 

Kazendi is Europe’s leading HoloLens development studio. As specialists in the field of Mixed Reality, Kazendi provides creative and innovative solutions for partners looking to better engage with their customers through the use of new technologies.

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