AGCS HoloLens Inspiration

On a sunny, autumnal Wednesday, the Kazendi team landed in Munich for a day with Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality. We were pretty happy to have been selected by Allianz to take part in their ideation afternoon: a series of presentations by innovators looking to shake up insurance. At the start of the afternoon, Allianz board member Alexander Mack outlined what he was looking for in the session: disruptive technology that will help Allianz enhance efficiency, effectiveness and client experience. Challenge accepted.

AGCS Felix Reinshagen NavVis

We saw some pretty awesome presentations. From 3D imaging trolleys to robots, thermal imaging to claims processing through an app, insurance is certainly not going to be stuck in the past for much longer. Chief Prototyper Max took the stage at 3pm, introducing an excited crowd to HoloLens. Max hypothesised a couple of ways that HoloLens could be used by insurers, including how our own application – the 3D texture mapper ‘Spatial Explorer’ – can be used to better assess buildings and constructions.

AGCS Felix Reinshagen NavVis

We suffered a slight hiccup with our live stream demonstration, but all was rectified when Alexander took part in a live demo of HoloLens, eschewing some light scepticism from the crowd that learning basic HoloLens gestures couldn’t be done in two minutes flat ;)

Kazendi - Maximilian Doelle

At the crescendo of a thoroughly edifying afternoon, we then led a two-hour interactive session with HoloLens, where the Allianz team and our fellow innovators could try out HoloLens.

AGCS HoloLens Demonstration

The Allianz team then posited their ideas for HoloLens, and Max conducted a brief feasibility assessment. We were pretty excited to hear about HoloLens’s potential uses, and the Allianz team couldn’t wait to explore how we can help to apply them.A Bavarian feast followed a fantastic afternoon with innovators (thank you, Allianz!), and we can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

AGCS Tech Day Speakers Dinner