Anglian Water HoloShopWindow



Anglian Water provides water and water recycling services to customers in the east of England. Anglian Water is one of the most innovative utility companies in the UK and as part of their Shop Window innovation program, aims to achieve seven strategic goals in the short- and medium term such as 80 liters per head per day water consumption (UK average 140 liters+ per head per day)


The team around Matt Kirk, Shop Window Programme Manager, needed a solution that allowed them to engage participants at the Innovation Water event in a fun way, differentiate themselves from other exhibitors and foremost of all, allow them to present the full breadth of their innovation projects (over 35 projects). Previously, paper posters or TV screens with slideshows were used but the engagement time was low and the memory retention was not high. In addition, it is not possible to display 3D models of products which would help to explain more complex innovation projects involving for instance new rain water catching systems.

How we’ve helped:

Using Microsoft HoloLens, we’ve conceived and created an experience that lets users explore the full breadth of Anglian Water’s innovative case studies within one week. Through our daily stand-ups the Shop Window team participated directly in the development, allowing them to make changes as we went along.

It all started with the concept creation:

“HoloShopWindow allowed us to present the Shop Window projects in an unprecedented way. This innovative technology allowed us to engage with the audience like never before and we look forward to using it again at future events”

Matt Kirk, Shop Window Programme Manager, Anglian Water

HoloShopWindow was first unveiled at the Innovation Water event on the 29th of November at parliament. We’ve had two HoloLens devices and were able to let over 60 attendees experience the application. In order to attract more visitors, we’ve used our HoloStream app to easily and with minimal lag stream the current view through HoloLens to a display. This fired people up to join the queue, from participants to Lords, and experience HoloShopWindow for themselves.

From left to right; Nick Sexton, Baron Stoddart of Swindon, Maximilian Doelle

The Results:

Using HoloLens as a visualisation device, enabled Anglian Water to engage participants 10x longer than with traditional methods. We were able to display the full breadth of their innovation projects with limited space available and greatly reduced the logistic effort since we simply needed to bring the HoloLens devices with us.

From left to right: Chris Newsome, Baroness McIntosh of Pickering, Maximilian Doelle

Due to the unique experience, participants shared their amazing experience on Social Media channels generating viral content for Anglian Water.

With the ability to view 3D models in real life size allowed Anglian Water to promote their partners at the same time - demonstrating British Engineering at its best.

From left to right: Nick Blamire-Brown,Nick Sexton, Matt Kirk, Fionn Boyle, Maximilian Doelle


Following further successful uses at future events, the experience could be enhanced by making it a shared holographic experience - meaning that multiple people can see the same holograms and bi-directionally interact with it. In addition, we could create a backend that would allow Anglian Water to easily amend and/or add new case studies which would be automatically synced to HoloLens.