Experience Analytics is attended by an exceptionally smart looking business crowd. Hosted in the lofty repurposed ‘tobacco docks’ building close to Shadwell station, the event is tailored for C-suite executives. The aim: to educate and act as a forum for discussion about ‘insight-driven’ decision making. Insight-driven organizations embed analysis, data and reasoning into their decision making processes. The HoloLens is a revolutionary new way of visualising data, and as such, it was right at home at this event.The app we were showing was an example of such visualization. Users are able to view an anchored holographic 3D map depicting the states of America. Tabs displayed above and to the left of the map enable viewing of different data: State names, the number of electoral votes, income per capita and population.Below you can see a mixed reality capture through HoloLens of USA with the state abbreviations and elevation levels based on relative population.

Deloitte Digital HoloElection Map #1

The US elections have a tendency to be major world events, fascinating and tense to follow in equal parts. It was certainly a shock to many when they discovered that Trump won the 2016 election over Hillary Clinton. The Kazendi team certainly had mixed feelings when we found out. When we recieved the call, we were staying in the beautiful Ellenborough Park hotel holding a bespoke HoloLens inspiration workshop for Mallowstreet’s Cheltenham Summit, votes were in the final stage of being counted. It was from none other than Deloitte Digital, our recurrent and amicable partners in emerging technology prototyping: It was a challenge - Experience analytics, a prestigious C-suite filled event was in the morning of the next day: Could we produce a functional 3D map and representation of the results by that time? We at Kazendi pride ourselves on being able to produce results, fast. Read on to find out more about how we successfully delivered our prototype!Below is an example where the electoral votes are display per state and the elevation is based on the relative income.

Deloitte Digital HoloElection Map #2

PROTOTYPING LIVEOur friends at Deloitte Digital showed off an IoT demo of a analytics solution for railways. Being asked whether it would be possible to port it to HoloLens, we got our hands dirty and ported with relative ease the HTML5 dashboard to HoloLens.

Deloitte Digital HoloElection Dashboard

It was a fun day and check this space for further information about the potential 3D dashboard of analytics data in mixed reality :)