Egon Zehnder HoloLens Inspiration

The leading executive search firm Egon Zehnder asked us to come in on the evening of Monday 7th November. They wanted us to hold an inspiration workshop, showcasing a number of emerging technologies within our prototyping speciality: not just the Hololens, but also Chat Bots and the Amazon Echo.

Egon Zehnder Hugo Intro Max

Everyone gathered in the lovely Sofitel venue space just off The Mall. The set up went smoothly, and there were just over 150 people attending. Max gave a great presentation, rapidly familiarising Egon Zehnder with the new tech: Starting with Chat Bots, we detailed some current use cases, along with potential solutions that Chat Bots could provide in the recruitment industry. We found that the the recruitment industry is well suited to using tailored automated messaging software due to the huge amount of interaction required with candidates for employment. This would help to remove unnecessary burdens on recruitment agency employees.Subsequently, we talked about the Amazon Echo, describing the significance of Zero UI technology, alongside the benefits of using technology that adapts to its users. Finally, moving on to the HoloLens, we introduced its features and functionality along with potential use cases in the recruitment industry.After this, we were able to move onto the hands on part of our session: Egon Zehnder had arranged for 3 Kazendi experts to be available to provide demonstrations. In the time available to us we were able to give a basic demonstration of the Hololens to the vast majority of the 200 or so attendees. We also had Josh, one of our experts, on hand to demonstrate the Amazon Echo’s functionality.It was clear that the talk had given the attendees a new perspective on the disruptive potential of these new technologies: They were especially enthusiastic when trying out the Hololens  since many were not aware of the holographic revolution. We have found that first hand experience with emerging technologies is practically necessary when considering their potential impact. We were glad to have provided this for Egon Zehnder.

Egon Zehnder HoloLens Demo #1

And so a very informative and mind-opening evening comes to a close.

Egon Zehnder Sofitel St James