Case study: Liverpool Victoria Insurance

Mixed Reality leaves its mark on the physical environment, completing tasks hands-free and facilitating remote collaboration

HoloAssessor is a revolutionary new way to assess corporate buildings for insurance assessors, allowing workers to leave holographic annotations on the physical space, refer to documents without carrying a scrap of paper, tick off checklists and collaborate with remote experts and underwriters.

“Our work with Kazendi shows that there could be enormous potential for Mixed Reality in both the insurance and construction sectors, supporting existing processes but also opening thinking and inspiring people to propose other opportunities for future consideration. This is indicative of the forward-thinking nature of LV= and our continued desire to innovate.”

- Rod Willmot, Fast Track (Innovation) Director at LV=


The client

Liverpool Victoria Insurance is a leading financial services provider with more than 5.8 million customers holding a variety of products with us including insurance, investment and retirement solutions.

Liverpool Victoria Insurance - known as LV= - has 15 offices around the UK, is the third largest car insurer in the country and is the No.1 provider of individual income protection.


The challenge:

The challenge, set by LV=’s Fast Track Innovation Team, was to revolutionise the assessment of corporate buildings with the aid of Microsoft HoloLens.

HoloAssessor2.jpgThe process

In terms of user experience, we wanted to make the most of HoloLens’ capabilities and therefore aimed at implementing voice commands to allow for an easy and fast navigation.

We also created the ability to place risk markers in the real world. To help the user understand where markers can be placed, we decided to show the spatial map. We also needed to store the created world anchors in an array and reload them upon every launch. This has worked particularly well.

Another challenge we solved was the saving and loading of photos taken with HoloLens, since these need to be stored to disk. Similar to iOS, HoloLens does not give you much control where the pictures are stored and so our team found a suitable way to handle access management.

20170322_083002_HoloLens-iloveimg-resized.jpgThe results:

This was a challenging but fun project and shows the massive potential of HoloLens for the insurance sector.

Our outlook:

In the future, we would like to create simple, fixed perspective, click-through prototypes to visualise the interactions. For the 3D models, the VR prototyping tool GrayBox would be ideal but, at present, it is only available for HTC Vive. We hope to see HoloLens support soon.



Could Mixed Reality revolutionise the way you design buildings, from the ground up? Does your team need to look at traditional projects from a fresh perspective?

We are happy to give you a personal demo of HoloAssessor and discuss how we could create a bespoke experience for you.

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