Case study: Selligent

A shared Mixed Reality experience for hundreds of event participants

HoloCampaign is Europe’s first shared holographic experience, with more than 250 users building a campaign together to better understand Selligent's innovative offering. 

"It is the sort of thing that’ll help the board appreciate that
in-house IT isn’t a dinosaur after all."

- The Register's Dominic Connor, previewing the app in his HoloLens review



The client

Selligent is the largest independent provider of marketing technology for relationship marketers. Selligent’s clients range from Asda and IHG to Mercedes-Benz.


The challenge

Our challenge was to build a shared holographic experience and debut it at the Dmexco 2016 trade fair in Germany, as part of our ongoing partnership with Selligent.

Dmexco Future Lab Client Picture

Our approach

With Selligent’s web-based campaign building tool as our starting point, we chose to create an experience that would guide users through the process of building a campaign. Seeing as a truly great campaign is a team effort, it made perfect sense that this experience should be a shared one and demonstrate the interactivity multiple users could enjoy.

Creating a shared experience is no simple feat. Microsoft’s HoloToolkit library provided only so much. To achieve what we wanted to do would mean hardcoding IP addresses and recompiling apps, as well as having a local server to handle the data exchange. None of this sounds like a smooth-running event!

Dmexco Future Lab Client Picture Mixed Reality

Our solution was to improve upon Microsoft’s code and create our own library. This allowed us to not only use a HoloLens as the local server, but also allowed the client and host devices to detect each other automatically over Wi-Fi.

We delivered the final version one week before the event.

Dmexco Future Lab Client Picture HoloLens

The results

HoloCampaign was a true success at the Dmexco 2016 event.

Over 250 people participated in Selligent’s holographic experience, and the visualisation of how the company’s campaign building tools work led not just to engagement but strong sales leads.

Dmexco Future Lab Client Picture Kazendi

By creating a check-in and social app, all users received a photo of themselves with the hologram, which then encouraged social sharing and online brand exposure for Selligent.

Kazendi Mixed Reality and HoloCampaign

Our outlook

The image of someone wearing a headset looks like a solitary experience. Bystanders simply can’t see what the user is seeing. By creating shared experiences, however, a much warmer and more engaging type of interaction opens up.

That’s one of the reasons we designed the free HoloStream app (download here) so that the experience can be displayed on people’s mobiles and tablets. We will continue to explore this territory in HoloLens development as it clearly has benefits for numerous scenarios from the design studio to the shop floor.



Do you want your teams to collaborate better? Do you want customers to experience your offering in a new way at your next event?

We are happy to give you a personal demo of HoloCampaign and discuss how we could create a bespoke experience for your company.

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