Case study: Deloitte Digital

Trump vs Clinton: HoloLens brings the electoral data to life in just one day 

HoloElection shows Mixed Reality's potential for data visualisation, bringing the 2017 US election results to life as an interactive hologram of voting behaviours across a map of the United States.

The client

Deloitte Digital is the innovative arm of Deloite, focused on digital strategy, mobile, social and web, content management and managed services. Kazendi has worked with Deloitte Digital on three projects.


The challenge

Deloitte Digital tasked Kazendi to create a prototype in just one day to be showcased at the Experience Analytics event. The event is tailored for C-suite executives with the aim to educate and act as a forum for discussion. With insight-driven organizations embedding analysis, data and reasoning into their decision-making processes, the brief was to create an app that showed Mixed Reality’s capabilities for data visualisation.  


The process

US election votes were in the final stage of being counted when we received the request. Could we produce a functional 3D map and representation of the results by the morning? We at Kazendi pride ourselves on being able to produce results fast.  Deloitte Digital HoloElection Map #2

The results:

HoloElection is an anchored holographic 3D map depicting the states of America, and their voting behaviours. Tabs displayed above and to the left of the map enable viewing of different data: state names, the number of electoral votes, income per capita and population. The map also included elevation levels based on relative population.

The HoloLens is a revolutionary new way of visualising data, and as such, it was right at home at this event. Furthermore, the app couldn’t have been more topical.

The elections were (and remain) a fiercely hot topic around the globe. The fact that the app tapped into this with the latest data made it a strong conversation piece at the Experience Analytics event, and demonstrated its quick development credentials.

Deloitte Digital HoloElection DashboardOur outlook

As America’s controversial political climate continues to make the news on an almost daily basis, HoloElection could be adapted to show a range of data. Illustrating state feeling and the moods of demographics, HoloElection may not have predicted Donald's Trump’s election but it could become a tool to help foresee the direction of his presidency.

Do you want to help people understand complex data? Is seeing the big picture of your business the key to your trade show success?

We are happy to give you a personal demo of HoloElection and discuss how we could create a bespoke experience for you.

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