Case study: HoloLiving

HoloLiving invites your friends to pull up a virtual chair


HoloLiving is an app that allows you to virtually furnish a room collaboratively with friends.


“The guys at Kazendi really understood what we wanted to achieve with this prototype. Their speed and agility helped to quickly bring our idea to life and inspire clients how they can leverage our omni-channel platform to become marketing leaders."

- Alex Hancock, Selligent 


The client

Selligent is the largest independent provider of marketing technology for relationship marketers. Selligent’s clients range from Asda and IHG to Mercedes-Benz.


The challenge

Selligent wanted to demonstrate how marrying their system with HoloLens could create exciting and innovative marketing campaigns for Selligent’s clients. The project also needed to reinforce Selligent’s position as a digital leader and create PR opportunities.

Selligent YotM DemoThe process

We chose to develop a prototype that would have benefits and applications in the retail sector, where many of Selligent’s clients operate. To really get the most out of HoloLens, we wanted to involve objects that rely upon spatial placement, and decided that furniture was the perfect vehicle to show this at work.

We took inspiration from the UI & UX of the Holograms app native to the HoloLens and therefore decided to employ a similar bounding box feature for moving our holographic furniture.

HoloLiving Wireframes

The results:

We have created Europe’s first shared holographic experience for an innovative mixed reality furniture use case. The first public demonstration of HoloLiving was at the Year of The Monkey event, as part of Selligent’s presence there.



We believe that Mixed Reality has a strong use case in the construction industry and, as part of this, in the interior design of apartments and offices. When money and good taste is at stake, being able to virtually decorate a room avoids costly mistakes and provides opportunities for retailers to engage and converse with customers pre-purchase.



Would your customers benefit from seeing your product in situ? Would your designers take more risks if they were creating something virtual rather than physical?

We are happy to give you a personal demo of HoloLiving and discuss how we could create a bespoke experience for you.

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