HoloLens Inspiration

On Guy Fawkes night, we were very lucky to be in the fine company of the employees of KEMBIT celebrating their 20th anniversary. Every five years, the Dutch company travels its employees to a different city around the world. This year, they found themselves in London, and Patrick Berger, Managing Director, was eager to inspire his colleagues about the unique opportunities of Mixed Reality through Microsoft HoloLens. Patrick wanted our presence to be a big surprise for the employees, and so situated in the cozy Shakespeare room of The Anchor in London Bridge, 3 of our experts prepared a ‘banquet’ of holograms on the long oak table, and decorated its wood-panelled walls with the aim to impress.

Kembit Max Demonstration

Whilst we were told to expect a middling amount of interest at the KEMBIT event, we know that word of mouth spreads through a crowd like wildfire once we start demonstrating: Even then, not even we expected the sheer level of curiosity and enthusiasm that the KEMBIT guys showed for the headsets! By the end of the night, it’s safe to say that we had met and shown the basic walkthrough to about 90% of the attendees (this was no mean feat!). The vast majority actually stayed on or returned to do some further experiences.

There was some serious demonstration management going on over the course of the evening. We were running 4 headsets and maintaining a live stream (using our very own device portal) for the people in the queue to watch. For those who wanted a more in depth visualisation experience, we moved our participants to a headset running Galaxy Explorer. For the more playful members of the KEMBIT team, we had a headset for Roboraid. However, so many people wanted a go that for the sake of fairness, we decided to get as many people through the introductory stage as possible. 

Kembit HoloLens Queue

What this resulted in was a really fun session later on, where at one point we had four people at a time on our headsets running RoboRaid, ducking and weaving around the room.

In addition, Kembit launched their new branding and attendees could familiarise themselves with the new website in Mixed Reality.

Kembit Wesbite

Thanks for everything to the enthusiastic people at KEMBIT, we’re really glad to have been a part of your night!