MallowStreet HoloLens Experience

On November 8th the Kazendi team found itself once again in Gloucestershire (click here for last time)! This time we were on the beautiful and lush grounds of the Ellenborough Park in Cheltenham, running an inspiration workshop on the Hololens for mallowstreet’s Cheltenham Summit at Ellenborough Park.

mallowstreet provides a community for the pensions industry. It serves no less than 3,000 members who control over £2 trillion of pension fund assets. Not only is it an excellent forum for professionals in the pensions industry to network, learn and share their thoughts, but members are able to take part in educational events such as the one we were attending.

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After meeting Bryan Verster at our partner’s Flux Techspectations event, they were so captured by the Hololens that they wanted to be able to showcase it at their next event as their first inclusion of emerging tech at a mallowstreet event. After a quick discussion with Kazendi about the particulars it was arranged.

We set up quickly and efficiently as soon as we arrived, and Max was able to give the 60 or so attendees an excellent presentation. This was an in depth look at the Hololens as a future proofed mixed reality headset. We had also tailored our talk to generate discussion about use cases involving investment propositions. At the end of the presentation, we ended with a short demonstration livestreamed to the stage screen using our very own internally developed Holostream app to applause.

There was a lot of buzz from the attendees, many of whom had not been aware of the holographic revolution: Even though we were due to hold a dedicated demo session (in our most spacious setting yet!) later on in the evening, a few enthusiastic individuals lingered for questions.

Kazendi - Europe's Mixed Reality Experts HoloLens Illustration

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